Talleres online: nos vamos de picnic

#LCTNews Volvemos con un nuevo taller online en conjunción con Cambridge y, en este caso, los peques de la clase se lo pasan pipa cantando, contando y bailando en un picnic muy especial. 


Los alumnos se animaban unos a otros.
¡Así nos gusta! 

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Clases de verano para niños y adolescentes

 #LCTNews Este verano, no nos vamos a aburrir con los SUMMER CAMPS que tenemos preparados. 

Os esperamos.

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Talleres online: ¡desaparecen los exámenes!

#LCTNews Esta semana, hemos dado comienzo a una tanda de talleres online en conjunción con Cambridge en los que se llevan a cabo actividades interactivas en las que intervienen la memoria, la deducción y el trabajo en equipo. ¡Esperamos que sean muy divertidas también!


Los alumnos se mostraron muy participativos.
¡Así nos gusta! 

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Exámenes y titulaciones 2023

#LCTNews Sabemos lo esencial que resulta contar con las titulaciones adecuadas para fines académicos y laborales. 

Por eso, os asesoramos con la información más adaptada a vuestras necesidades. Si necesitáis preparar un examen y obtener una titulación, responderemos a todas vuestras consultas. 

Cada examen, cada estudiante, tiene un curso a su medida. Os esperamos.

  • WhatsApp: 699 298 748
  • Correo: lctidiomaslctidiomas@gmail.com
  • Academia: Travesía de San Isidoro de Sevilla 6D, 28005, Madrid

Here we go: Courses 2022-2023

It's that time of the year... when autumn is right around the corner and we are getting ready for a whole new year of courses. Watch and behold!

En LCTIDIOMAS, damos por inaugurada la edición 2022-2023. ¡Que empiecen los cursos!

Y pronto cumpliremos 30 añitos. ¿Nos merecemos una celebración? :-)

#lctidiomas #30thanniversary

What TV series are you watching?

Hello, fellow TV series lovers! If there's one thing to do with all those free summer hours, it has to be bingeing on incredible shows. 

Do you have a recommendation for us? Be sure to leave us a comment so that we can find out for ouselves how good it is. In the meantime, here is a short list of TV series in which we are very pleased to invest our time ;-).


Look no further for a twisted plot and a huge arc than this gripping action thriller. The casting is perfection, the dialogues are to raise your drink in awe, and every episode will make you more addicted. It's impossible to love James Spade more in this show, and his character is made larger than life by his inspired performance. Please, watch it. You'll thank me later.


For the art lovers out there, this is an unusual and very personal depiction of the famous Leonardo da Vinci from his humble, loveless origins through his complicated thinking methods to his greatest masterpieces in all their glory. Mind you, it packs a love storyline and a criminal plot that serves as a storytelling technique. As a whole, it's worthwhile.


A highly entertaining six-part mystery set in Victorian London where the first-ever female detective and an inspector from Scotland Yard very grudglingly pair up to solve cases. It's fun, fast-paced, has a lively dialogue, some gruesome crimes and wonderful costumes. We're looking forward to the next season!


This is a hilarious and fashionable comedy about a young woman who moves to Paris to bring a fresh perspective to Savoir, a French marking firm. The cultural contrast is a neverending source of misuderstandings, competitiveness, shock and learning for her, and a sure way to have the time of our lives while we are at it. Perfect to enjoy the pretty streets of Paris, the inspired ideas of this creative social media strategist, the beautiful and sometimes outrageous fashion, and the exciting love prospects. We also relished the plot in each episode. A string of happy jewels.  


You can't go wrong if you choose this sci-fi magnet just to see Baby Yoda (yeah, Grogu is fine too) in very awkward, sometimes murderous, action. He is the star in this Star Wars universe spin-off series where a Knight in a all-purpose armour intimidates everyone with his masked coolness, solves problems in style, and melts in admirable, manly ways to protect a baby alien from evil men. Every episode is perfectly curated, the music will stay with you forever, and the ending will have you cheering and crying in equal measure. It's a must.


This one is a show we haven't started yet, but we are jumping on the bit to do so. It looks spectacular! A daring premise and stunning special effects are at the root of this sci-fi series where AI is raising children in space. Of course, not everyone agrees with this educational setting, so trouble ensues. Yay :-D


Did you like this selection of TV series?

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